Register for Fall Trimester 2018

Registration is due on or before Thursday, July 12th and must be accompanied by your $1000 deposit & financial aid application, if applying. A $125 late fee will be assessed for all registrations received after July 12th. If you select the 'Will Send Check' payment option below, your check must be received by July 16th to avoid the late fee.


AJR appreciates all payments by check as the most cost effective payment method for AJR. Credit card payments are accepted below for your convenience.


HYBRID courses are offered in our Distance Learning Classrooms. These courses will have onsite and offsite students enrolled.

FWSS - You may register now for FWSS and click to download & print a FWSS Approval Request Form. You may also complete the form, upload it below & it will be returned to you on approval.
*RETREAT WAIVER: Approved Waivers signed by the Academic Dean are due in the office by October 5th (to avoid being charged the full Retreat fee). Click to download & print a Retreat Waiver. You may also complete & upload your Waiver Request Form below. It will be returned to you on approval.
If you are a Cantors to Rabbis program student, your tuition will be adjusted and an invoice emailed to you.
Deferred Payment Plan notes will be emailed with your invoice and must be signed and returned to the office. ALL registrations must be paid in full on or before May 15th or your balance due will default to a Deferred Payment Plan (3 monthly payments), the $100 fee will be added and a credit card or post dated checks will be required by the AJR office. First installment is due September 15th.

Your total cost does not reflect loans, aid or discounts that may be present in your Fall Semester statement. The $1000 deposit & financial aid application with your 2017 tax return are due with registration on or before July 12th.
Click to access the Financial Aid Request Form.

You may select the 'Pay Now With Credit Card' option and pay online now or you may select the 'Will Send Check' payment option.
Reminder: If you select the 'Will Send Check' payment option, your check MUST be received by the AJR office on or before Thursday, July 24.